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Ivy Bleu just released a new portal to help fans find anything pertaining to her.  On this one page, you’ll get direct links to her official website, her fan page and her texting site where you can chat directly with her via your cell phone.

Find Ivy Bleu at : Ivybleu Online

Are you an Ivy Bleu Fan?

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When you become a paid member of her page, you’ll get access to all of her homemade selfies and cell phone videos.  She even takes requests for custom pics and video clips.  I’m telling you… this girl loves her fans and goes above and beyond.

Oh… and she set her membership at the lowest price allowed.  You can get full, unlimited access to all her personal content for only $4.99 a month.  C’mon… everyone can scrape up $4.99 to support this girl, right?

Ivy Bleu’s Titty Fucking Race Play Video

Ivy Bleu likes humiliating and degrading porn.  In her own words, it’s the only kind that she can get off to.  So while it stands to reason that she will make all types of videos to please her fans, the kind she prefers is when she’s being knocked down a few pegs and treated like an animal.

Her latest video may not be “rough” or “extreme” but it does come as a bit of a shock to hear her drop a few N-bombs while getting titty fucked.  She utters lines like, “Fuck my big ni**er tits”.

I know it’s today’s society, where everything is trying to be so politically correct, something like this is going to turns heads… for one reason or another.

What’s your take on it?  Watch or download the videos here :

IVYBLEU.COM – The Official Fan Club Members Area
AMATEUR PORN – Ivy Bleu Clip Store.  Downloadable Videos.
MANY VIDS – Another Ivy Bleu Clip Store.  Downloadable Videos.


Kitchen Cunt

If you’re a true fan of mine, you know I hate wearing clothes in the house. As soon as I walk in the door… the clothes come off. Well, I was just getting ready to cook dinner and started getting undressed. Jimmy snapped these and started calling it “Kitchen Cunt”. LOL…


Pussy Slapping,Fingering and Rubbing

Kingsley and Ivy Bleu both have pretty pussies.  I originally set this up so the two girls could sensually finger each other, but they had other ideas… especially Kingsley.  She just started slapping Ivy Bleu’s big tits and clit while finger fucking her.  Let me tell you… she made that clit pop big time!!!  Then, she stuffed 4 fingers deep inside Ivy’s wet cunt before they switched places.  Ivy did more of the original game plan… rubbing Kingsley’s pretty hairless pussy.